Tariro student Melody gets into scrubs at St. Anne’s Hospital!

Melody M. observes Operation of Hope surgery at St. Anne's Hospital

I’m writing this week to share photos from a very unique experience one of Tariro’s students, Melody M., was recently privileged to experience.  Melody, who has been featured in a profile included in a previous post, is a Form 4 student finishing her last year of O level studies.  We have high hopes she will pass her O level exams and proceed to A levels and on to university, where she wishes to train as a doctor or nurse.  Last year, Melody attended a mentorship program administered by the US Embassy in Harare, where she met with the head of the CDC and the Zimbabwean Minister of Health, learning about the role of medicine in public health.

This past week, Melody had yet another glimpse into the field of medicine at St. Anne’s hospital, where she was invited to observe cleft palate surgeries being performed by doctors from the US, volunteering with the organization Operation of Hope.  At St. Anne’s, Melody was given a tour of the hospital, speaking with nurses and meeting with patients and their families, including children waiting for their surgeries with Operation of Hope, as well as those recovering from their operations.

A future medical student

Melody then donned scrubs and went into the operating room to observe an actual surgery.  The support staff was careful to tell her that she should turn away and let someone know immediately if she felt faint.  However, when the doctors invited her to observe their work from up close, Melody was positively fascinated, and spent at least half an hour watching the doctors as they narrated their work to her, explaining the process of the surgery and the anatomy involved.  I was extremely impressed with Melody’s professional attitude and genuine interest.  Now we know she has potential for a career in medicine… as long as she manages to pass those math exams!!


One response to “Tariro student Melody gets into scrubs at St. Anne’s Hospital!

  1. Hilary Vander Veer

    way to go, Melody!

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