Introducing our university students!!!

Melody M. is one of three Tariro students who will begin attending University this fall

Melody M. is one of three Tariro students who will begin attending University this fall

It’s been a quiet summer… but we’re still here! As we move toward the end of summer, it is time to introduce the three Tariro students who will be attending university this fall.
First among them is Melody M., who originally joined Tariro as an Ordinary or “O” level student in 2008. Melody lives with her aunt and uncle in a stable home. Melody has occasionally missed school to take care of her aunt, who has health challenges, yet she remains passionately focused on her schoolwork. After receiving a very high score on her “O” Level exams, Melody went on to Advanced, or “A” Level study, in preparation for attending college. Finally, that day has arrived!

Last year, Melody was one of five Tariro students to pass her “A” Level exams, receiving a score of 13 out of a possible 15 points. Melody’s score was not quite high enough for her to study her first choice of subject, which was law. However, she was accepted to the University of Zimbabwe for a degree in sociology. And as Tariro’s program coordinator, Tafadzwa “Fadzie” Muzhandu, writes:

I believe she will be able to do Law at a later stage if she remains focused. Melody is very cheerful and able to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

During Melody’s time as a Tariro student, she has benefited immensely from our innovative programming, including opportunities to participate in mentoring programs through the United States Embassy, to explore career options by getting into scrubs at St. Anne’s Hospital, and to borrow books from our lending library. As Fadzie also observes:

She loves reading and has borrowed the most books from the Tariro Library.

Please join Tariro! Your help is critical to ensuring Melody’s success, so please donate now! We need your support in order to continue sponsoring Melody throughout the three years it will take her to complete a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Zimbabwe, as well as continuing to offer educational opportunities to other young girls. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Zimbabwe’s young women.

I will leave you with a few photos of Melody, so you can see how she has matured over her years with Tariro, growing into the lovely woman she is today.

Melody, one of Tariro's rising stars

Melody in 2008

Melody in 2009

Melody in 2009

Melody today

Melody today



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