Tariro needs your help – donate now to send our students to University!

Tariro's student Tariro (yep!) needs YOUR help to attend university this fall!

Tariro’s student Tariro (yep!) needs YOUR help to attend university this fall!

As the beginning of September approaches, we need your help to ensure that the Tariro students who have been accepted to the Zimbabwean university system are able to attend! At this point, we are $6,000 short of the money we need to cover the school fees for the sixty students we are sponsoring this term, including our three university students, and time is fast slipping away. Please consider making a donation to help us!

As you may already know, the name of our organization, Tariro, means “Hope,” and is a common names for girls among Zimbabwe’s Shona speaking communities. And today’s featured, university-bound student is named Tariro!

As our program coordinator Fadzie writes, Tariro K. has a passion for helping others. Reflecting the deep influence our program has made in her life, she has decided to enroll in a social work program, with the ultimate goal of working with vulnerable children. She has been accepted to Bindura University, which belongs to the Zimbabwean public university system.

Tariro has been enrolled in our program since 2009, when she was in Form 3. Soon after writing her Form 4 exams, her widowed mother moved the family to a new neighborhood, in search of affordable housing, and Tariro missed a year of school. Finally, we located her and learned that she had passed her Ordinary Level exams. reinstated her file, and paid for her to continue as an Advanced Level student.

We’re very proud of Tariro’s accomplishments, as well as those of her university-bound peers Politeness N. and Melody M. But we can’t help her proceed to university level study without your assistance! Please consider giving to Tariro today to help us cover the cost of sending our students to school!


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