Simba’s visit to the United States and Canada.

The month of November and December saw our Executive Coordinator Simbarashe visit the United States and Canada.
Simbarashe arrived on the 12th of November in New York and had the opportunity to meet Karen one of Tariro’s international board members. The two shared notes on how Tariro can be taken to a another level –key being the need to source funds from corporate institutions in Zimbabwe , the need for strategic partnerships with other like-minded organizations in and outside Zimbabwe and last but not least the need to strengthen our current relationships . Simbarashe  then flew to Kentucky to be with his wife who had just been blessed with a baby boy, Anashe. Simbarashe spent some time with his family before embarking on a journey that took him to Oregon and British Columbia.
His next port of call was Eugene, Oregon on the 30th of November 2016. It was a wonderful experience for Simba to meet the Oregon community, especially meeting the people who have supported and steered Tariro over the years. Simba was hosted by Marilyn and her husband Hans and he is very grateful to them for their extraordinary hospitality. They made his stay very comfortable and he really felt at home. He had the privilege, courtesy of Marilyn and Hans to visit the Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Centre on two consecutive evenings, where he saw various marimba groups rehearse. He had the opportunity to thank them for the support they have given and continue giving Tariro. He also had the chance to share with them Tariro’s achievements, challenges and plans for the future. Simba was really impressed by their commitment in supporting Tariro, their marimba playing skills and the quality of their marimba sets. He wishes we could have such quality marimba sets in Zimbabwe.
On the 1st of December, late afternoon Simba had the privilege of meeting Cai Emmons of the Emmons Bradlee Family Foundation over a cup of coffee. The Foundation has been supporting Tariro over the years. Simba shared with her Tariro’s 2016 achievements, the challenges Tariro is facing and the challenges Zimbabwe is facing as a country. Simba also shared with her Tariro’s plans to engage a social work intern , embark on an income generating project (if we get funding from US Embassy ) and the need to reach out to more girls in need. Cai assured Simba of her family foundation will continuing supporting Tariro.
Later that evening Simba graced a fundraising dinner hosted for him by the Eugene community at Jeff and Gerianne’s place. He had the opportunity to share with those present his vision for Tariro, what Tariro has achieved in 2016 and why it is important to send the girl child to school in developing countries like Zimbabwe. It was really great for Simba to meet people who saw the birth of Tariro such as Jeff.
Simba then travelled to Portland on the 2nd of December to attend two functions which were being held to raise funds for Tariro. The first function was at the Ford Food and Drink restaurant where Njuzu Mbira were playing .Peter and Paul Hayes were also in attendance selling raffle tickets for the beautiful quilt Attendance was however, low. Simba had the opportunity to talk about Tariro to the few people in attendance. Despite the low turnout Njuzu Mbira gave it their best.

The following day Simba spent the day at Cedarwood Waldorf School Winterfaire with Paul and Peter. They had the opportunity to distribute Tariro brochures, sell raffle tickets and talk to people about Tariro. Almost everyone who visited our stall praised Tariro for the good work they are doing. The raffle quilt was beautifully displayed and we also had information on Tariro displayed. It really was a day well spent. Former pupils taught by Peter volunteered to assist the fundraising initiative by selling raffle tickets in the near future.
Simba then travelled to Victoria, Canada on the 4th of December where he attended the Bopoma Marimba Winter event at Oakland Community Centre. It was a well organised event and kudos to Barb and Ted. He was treated to some great mbira music from the Bopoma groups. The performances were really captivating. Simba had the opportunity to thank the Victoria community for supporting the cause of the girl child in Zimbabwe. He shared with them Tariro’s achievements to date and its vision for 2017.
Last but not least, Simba accompanied by Barb visited two high schools in Victoria. His first visit was at Parklands High School where he addressed a social studies class. He shared with them a bit about himself, a bit about Zimbabwe before talking about the plight of the girl child in Zimbabwe. He shared with the class about Tariro – its mission, achievements, challenges and vision for 2017. The students are willing to assist in one way or the other. Simba then travelled to Reynolds High School where he led two focus group discussions of forty five minutes each. He shared with the students’ the history about the colonization of Zimbabwe, the land reform, the economic challenges Zimbabwe is facing, the challenges the girl child faces and the role Tariro is playing to mitigate the challenges girls are facing in the high density suburbs of Harare . The students saw the need to support Tariro and they came up with a number of fundraising initiatives they could undertake at their school. Some of the ideas are as follows:
– Selling cookies at lunch time / bake sales / Lottery/raffles/50-50 draws
– Holding a one day fundraiser –music, sport, dance etc.
– Lobbying shops such as Tim Hortons which is frequented by students at Reynolds High School to donate 25cents to Tariro for each coffee cup bought by a Reynolds student.
– Use of Go Fundme
– Hosting a marimba festival at the school.
– Loonies day
– Reynolds students will take up an ambassadorial role for Tariro, fundraising and engaging other students at other schools and also engaging local businesses.
– Profiling of girls in Zimbabwe and sharing with the Reynolds School community and have people donate towards a girl of their choice.
– Bottle drive money to Tariro.
It was great to get such ideas from the students.
The visit was really an eye-opener for Simba. It was really humbling to see how committed the community in USA and Canada is, in helping the cause of the girls we support in Zimbabwe. The level of commitment is unmatched and it is Simba’s wish that back home, communities can also have that level of commitment in helping the girl child. Simba is really grateful to everyone who made his stay very comfortable and he emphasizes that he did meet wonderful people in the United States and Canada.

Today! Meet Simba in Victoria.

We are delighted that Tariro’s Executive Coordinator, Simba Kanyimo, will be visiting the Eugene, Portland, and Victoria in December! 

TODAY Simba will be in …. Victoria, Canada.

Sunday, 4 December at 2pm

Join Simba at the Bopoma Winter Event @ Oaklands Community Centre, 2827 Belmont Avenue, Victoria. (please note the venue change)

Simba will be talking about Tariro and sharing in with local musicians and long-time Tariro supporters for a special event.  Don’t miss out!

See you there!

Today! Meet Simba in Portland, OR

We are delighted that Tariro’s Executive Coordinator, Simba Kanyimo, will be visiting the Eugene, Portland, and Victoria in December! 

TODAY Simba will be in …. Portland, Oregon.

Friday, 2 December from 7pm

Join Tariro and Njuzu Mbira us at Ford Food and Drink @ 2505 SE 11th Ave Ste 101. Portland, OR 97202!

Come out to meet Simba, hear some great music and see an amazing quilt – being raffled off to support Tariro and other groups in Zimbabwe.  It promises to be a great evening!

See you there!

Today! Meet Simba in Eugene, OR.

We are delighted that Tariro’s Executive Coordinator, Simba Kanyimo, will be visiting the Eugene, Portland, and Victoria in December! 

TODAY Simba will be in …. Eugene, Oregon.

You can meet Simba at the Kutsinhira Catch Up with Tariro at 5pm.  Come out to hear Simba’s vision for Tariro and what’s ahead for us in 2017.  This is an informal gathering at a private home.  For more info, please email

See you there!


#ThankYouWednesday – You donated $1,775!


Dear friends,

THANK YOU for your support on #GivingTuesday yesterday — you donated $1,775! We are overwhelmed by your support for our important work.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to donate yesterday — our donor has agreed to extend the matching window — all donations up to $3,000 will be matched through the end of the week.

You can donate numerous ways —

  • in-person at one of Tariro’s events this week in Eugene, Portland, and Victoria.  Please see our blog for details of the events. We’d love to see you there, and you’ll get a chance to meet Simba and here about Tariro first-hand.
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  • by bank transfer — please email for details on how to set up a no-fee bank transfer.

Hope is powerful.  Hope for change.  Hope for a better future.  Hope is what makes us fight.  Hope is what makes us see possibilities when things look bleak.  In Zimbabwe’s Shona language, “tariro” means “hope”. Tariro gives hope to our students – it gives them hope of finishing school.  Hope of going to university.  Hope of getting a good job and breaking the cycle of poverty they were born into.  Hope of being a person in a position to give back.  Hope of being a woman treated with dignity and respect in her community. Hope is why we do what we do.

Thank you for joining us in giving hope to our students.

#GivingTuesday is TODAY!


Last year, Tariro participated in #GivingTuesday for the first time as part of our annual Fall Fundraising Campaign, and it was a huge success for us! We are excited to be part of this international day of giving, uniting millions of people across the world supporting so many worthy causes.

This year, we’re doing it again! AND this year, we have a donor who will match the first $3,000 raised!

Razoo, the site hosting our #GivingTuesday effort, is waiving most of their transaction fee through 29 November – that means more of your donation goes directly to Tariro!  Razoo is also awarding an additional prize for the nonprofit with the most unique donors in a specific hour – we’re targeting the 2pm PST/5pm EST hour.  

Please join us TODAY for a big international day of giving at!

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Intern -Social Worker

.vacIntern – Social Worker

Tariro –Hope and Health for Zimbabwe Orphans, a grassroots non-profit organization working in Harare Zimbabwe to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other vices by educating young women and girls is looking for an Intern – Social Worker. The intern should be a student currently enrolled at one of the local universities and studying for a degree in Social Work.
The intern’s responsibilities will focus on addressing the psycho-social needs of our beneficiaries and their families in order to improve academic performance and provide support for the challenges that program beneficiaries are facing. The intern will work with the Executive Coordinator, with the involvement of the student, the family, the community and schools, to identify needs, establish intervention plans, and collaborate with community agencies to provide additional psycho-social support to our beneficiaries and their families.

The internship will run during the university academic year 2017.

The intern will be expected to perform (but not limited to) the following duties, with supervision and guidance by the Executive Coordinator:

1.Provide interventions based on detailed assessments, including but not limited to:
a. Individual and group counseling for selected beneficiaries and families, as needed;
b. Case management for identified students;
c. Home and school visits;
d. Liaise and advocate for student and parents on issues of social welfare and psycho-social support.
e. Assessment prior to providing interventions.

2. Contribute social media materials (blog posts, Facebook posts, twitter posts) related to the social welfare of our beneficiaries and the psycho-social support Tariro provides for our beneficiaries.
3. Attend related conferences and seminars.
4. Assist in grant writing where the intern will work closely with the Executive Coordinator, with special emphasis on grants supporting Tariro’s psycho-social support for beneficiaries.
5. Participate in community collaborative and/or meetings.
6. Initiate localized awareness campaigns on different issues affecting the girl child with the assistance of the Executive Coordinator.
7. Participate in beneficiaries’ monthly meetings and conducting/facilitating monthly extra-curricular activities.
8. Assist with administrative responsibilities and financial reporting related to Tariro’s social welfare and psycho-social programs, including but not limited to logistics for events and uploading financial records in Money-Minder.

The intern will also be expected to perform additional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Coordinator. Please email your applications – detailed curriculum vitae and cover letter to the Executive Coordinator on email : . Closing date is 16 December 2016.